Queen B’s take home the gold!


The Queen B’s beat Oulu 180-149 to win the gold medal at the Finnish Championship finals.

The Queen B’s started the tournament in Tikkurila with a win against Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s Kinapori Fistfunkers in the semi-finals. The final score was 230-76.

In the other semi-final game, Oulu Roller Derby earned their way to the championship game by defeating Dirty River Roller Derby 203-158.

The Queen B’s ended their season undefeated in the Finnish championship series games. The championship game was tight and intense. The B’s were able to get the lead early and maintain it, despite Oulu fighting hard to overcome them. The Queen B’s were victorious this year and took the gold cup back from Oulu, who won the 2018 championships.

The gold medal game was also aired on national television.

Dirty River took the bronze medal home to Turku after beating Kallio 182-88.

Helsinki Roller Derby took another gold home this season, as C-Cassette is the winner of Finnish Championship’s 1.Division.

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