A-team coach positions open!


Always thought you would make an excellent coach? Do you have useful expertise that would enable one of the best roller derby teams in the world to thrive during these exceptional times? Or maybe you just like roller derby, are open-minded and would like a challenge?

Well, then this is your time to act, as the A team is looking for coaches for 2021!

Applications should be sent by 10.1.2020 to trainer@helsinkirollerderby.com

Helsinki All-Stars is a representative team of Finland’s most successful roller derby league.

Back in 2012 the team started to compete actively to climb up in the rankings of sports roof organisation Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA). In 2014 they started to travel to North America with the goal to play at the highest possible level. This goal was reached in 2015. Since that day the team has played at WFTDA’s DIV 1 and participated in qualification tournaments in the spring and playoffs in the fall, both in North America and Europe.

When starting the 2019 season, the team was ranked on spot 16 in WFTDA’s rankings and at the end ranking 11 (the highest ever in our history!). Goal for the future is to play at the highest possible level and succeed internationally. The team has set its goals very high and the whole group of respective amateur athletes are committed to work hard together to reach the goals they have set together.

We are looking for a coaching group for season 2021:
The coaching group consists of a head coach, assistant coaches and multiple (optimally three) team captains. The tasks are shared but the head coach carries the main responsibility of charter formations, playtime distribution, reaching goals and results. However, decisions are prepared and made together with the captains and other coaches.
The developing Covid-situation causes an extra element of uncertainty and challenge for the upcoming season, for example regarding travel, practice times, team goals and so forth – keep this in mind.

Work description for the head coach and the assistant coaches:
– Planning the A team season with the rest of the coaching group and with the team interleague liaison, should interleague play be a part of the upcoming season.
– Planning the training schedule and coaching in the training sessions together with the training crew and coaching group, and taking attendance at practices
– Responsibility of playtime distribution and strategy plans
– Participating practices reasonably (scheduling specifics not available yet due to the Covid situation)
– Having feedback sessions with the players during the season, and following the skater development
– Giving feedback about skaters and active participation to leagues Team Selection committee
– Participating in possible games as a part of the team

The person chosen for the tasks commits to self-financed travels with the team to international games. Travels will not be financially compensated as salary or travel reimbursement.
Tasks can be divided within the coaching group as best suits the group and according to the members’ areas of interest and expertise.

To succeed in this role requires:
– Very good communicational and interactional skills
– Interest in competitive roller derby
– Will to develop ways of working to reach the famous next step
– Will to develop as a coach as well
– Vigorous decision making skills

Assistant coach applications with one specific interest in mind are highly welcome! If you want to specifically work on jammers, strength & conditioning, strategy, bench coaching, or any other subset of roller derby, that is possible. Please indicate your possible specific interests in your application.

If you are interested but are afraid of the time commitment of accepting a coaching position – we are also interested in applicants who can only commit “part-time”! Please give your thoughts on the matter in your application.

Coaching season entails the full calendar year of 2021 (starting when the selections are finalized).

Team holds the right and final call to choose the coaches from the applicants.

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