Code of conduct


We do not discriminate based on a person’s skin colour, religion, gender, gender identity, age, nationality, disability, body type, marital status, or sexual orientation. We do not assume people’s gender.


We are all committed to treating everyone as equals and respecting each other’s physical and social boundaries. We respect other people’s decisions on their personal lives.


We all strive to make everyone in the league’s activities feel safe and welcome.


We take responsibility of our own actions without excuses. We say sorry when we hurt someone.


We learn to recognize our own power position over others, and give them space to act and be heard.


We give everyone a chance to try, make mistakes and develop at their own pace.


We accept that frustration and disappointment are a part of sports but we learn to talk about those feelings openly, and we learn from our mistakes together.


We make our league’s processes clear and visible to members, and support each other in working together in our respective roles in the league. We respect the effort and work people do for the league.


We say thank you and give positive feedback to each other.


We have fun together!