The next beginners course starts in September!



Beginners’ course starts September 10th and finishes mid November. This course consists of weekly skating practices, off skates sessions on exercise, rules and game play. We also encourage you to officiate in selected Sunday scrimmages, you do not need any experience: just let us know you are interested.

Weekly practice is held on Tuesdays in Merilahden peruskoulu, Kallvikinrannantie 1 (map) at 17.30-19 and on Saturdays in Vuosaaren Urheilutalo, Vuosaarentie 5 (map) at 16-17.30 (later in the autumn 16.30-17.30). There will be other training times as well that will be informed more specifically at the beginner’s course. 


We start our practices always with an off skates warm up. Prepare with outdoor warm up clothes for Vuosaaren Urheilutalo practices on Saturdays, so in the future we can start the Saturday warm up already before the practice time to maximise our time on skates. In Merilahden peruskoulu the off skate warm up is always inside.

Sunday scrimmages are at 12:00-15:00​ in Urheilutalo Vuosaari and with beginners’ course you are welcome to practice non-skating officiating with us on certain Sundays. That will help you learn the rules and game, as well as introduce you to one of the important aspects in roller derby. We encourage you to take part at least two times.

Our practices and other communication is in English if there is non-Finnish speakers at the course. Please note that you can ask for translation at any time! Our communication about practices will happen in Facebook group.


You will need your own quad skates and protective gear for the beginners course. The obligatory protection includes helmet, mouth guard, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Our collaborator Jam in the Box is a Finnish roller derby store, where you can order goods online, or visit the store in Kallio. 

If you prefer to hunt for second hand gear, we recommend joining the Derbykirppis Rollaattori Facebook group.


Helsinki Roller Derby was founded in March 2009 as a first roller derby league in Finland and are celebrating our 10 year mark this year! We have three teams: HRD All-Stars plays in the top level in worldwide tournaments and is the 15th best team in the whole world, HRD Queen B’s plays in Finnish National Cup and won the gold medal in 2019, and HRD C-cassette challenges B/C-level teams in Finland and abroad and won gold in their first season in 1. division. In 2017 ALpakka team was founded for recreational skating and for the intake of new skaters. We started our active junior department in 2015. We have beginner courses twice a year, and also provide training for officials and referees.

We currently have approximately 100 members, who all do volunteer work for the association as well as for the teams and officiating.

We are thrilled to invite you to our beginners course of spring 2019! Sign up with this form or if you have anything to ask, please do contact us with e-mail:


Juniors from age 12 up are welcome to the course as well and will be guided by their own helpers during the course.

In case you are interested to know more about juniors training (roller derby for ages 12-17) please contact HRD Juniors department with an e-mail to Juniors department will then inform you about junior trainings and joining HRD juniors.

Sign up with this form or if you have anything to ask, please do contact us with e-mail: